You’re stuck and unable to lose weight no-matter what 'diet' you follow…

Squeezing yourself into jeans that are too small, feeling uncomfortable when you see photos of yourself and not having the energy to tear around with your kids?

Of course, everyone is different but there are common problems that crop up when people try to diet:
Constantly hungry, Tons of boring cardio, Stubborn body fat, Unsatisfying meals, Bad food cravings, Weight not changing, Constantly tired and exhausted, Feeling soft and flabby…”


What if you could have the opposite of all that nasty stuff?

What if you could LOSE FAT and start wearing fitted clothes again without giving up your favourite foods and still have a social life?

How would you like to feel more CONFIDENT… drop that  weight off your stomach, hips, bum and thighs so you’re no longer keeping your self covered at the beach and can look forward to shopping for a new bikini?

Have you ever wondered if the Fad Diets you see in magazines actually work?

Have you been desperate to try them?

This isn’t the first time you’ve been looking to lose weight and tone up… is it?

Have you tied pretty much everything but still in the same position and you’re fed up.

Fed up of being too wiped out and gassed to run around with your kids or nieces and nephews… instead of being the fun, Mum or Aunt you used to be?

Fed up with feeling “past your best” and find yourself un-tagging yourself from photos on Facebook.

Pissed off that all your friends and family roll their eyes when you say you're on a diet despite knowing when you know you always your hardest.

You’re a great person. You deserve to more. Yet you’re sat there reading this and feeling completely lost



If you're looking for a system to boost your confidence, give you back your self esteem and take control of your life, then read on:

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A tailored, 100% personalised plan for your specific goals.


You're own dedicated, highly qualified coach will personally set your plans and discuss them with you


Your coach is available 7 days per week


You check in with your coach every week, where your progress is assessed and any adjustments made.


Join your fellow members, chat, encourage, exchange tips and success stories.


Change your mindset to one of positive ideas and healthy, powerful habits..


Read about Kate's transformation

 I was sceptical.

I didn’t know how this online training would work but I was willing to give it a go as I was starting to get really depressed with how I looked. So I filled in the forms and took the first pictures that would mark the starting point of my journey. 

I am not going to deny it, when I first looked at those pictures I cried, if was like a veil had been lifted and I realised how bad I looked, something that I had been denying for months. I had been stress eating due to my aunt (who became a mum figure to me after my mum passing two years ago) getting diagnosed with lung cancer 6th months prior. 

Dave came back to me a few days later with a diet and training plan, taking into account my food likes and dislikes. I was surprised, this diet didn’t look bland and boring. I was definitely willing to get stuck in and give it a go.

Training started and results started showing almost immediately, the pounds were melting away and I was starting to feel more confident about my body again. I could wear tighter clothes and not worry about looking, well to put it bluntly, like a over stuffed sausage. Dave has changed my life and now with over 2 stone lost since we started, I feel confident and sexy.

My confidence has not only improved but my hobby of horse riding has benefited so much from this. My flexibility and balance are better and I have the core strength to hold my position together when things get a bit scary such as a jump gone wrong. I have managed to stay on when old unfit me would have hit the dirt. The training is amazing and the results prove it but I should also say something about Dave’s character. He is an absolutely fantastic guy, knows exactly how far to push you but also can sense when you need a break. He is my confidant, has helped me through a lot of pain and mental health issues. I had an Uncle die suddenly a few weeks after we starting training, also in the middle of my 3rd year Engineering exams, 2 months later my aunt died from losing her battle with lung cancer. Dave convinced me to keep training, keep working hard, told me to get my anger and frustration out by having good workouts.

It worked.

I am stronger both mentally and physically and I couldn’t have done it with out him. To be honest I don’t think I would have made it to 4th year of my degree if I hadn’t started this programme. 

I have learned that life is too short to not feel confident and sexy whether it’s in a little black dress or just a t-shirt and jodhpurs. 

Everyone should be able to enjoy the feeling of being confident so I would recommend the online PT to anyone.

“Really just do it, it will change your life”

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